Has your roof in Denver begun to display the telltale signs of aging? Or perhaps there are sections with missing shingles, broken shingles, or dents in your metal roofing? Deciding whether to opt for repairs on the damaged portions or embark on a complete roof replacement can be a challenging decision. Here are some insights and guidance to assist you in making an informed choice based on your specific circumstances.

repair or replace a roof, roof damage, Denver


Each roofing material has a life expectancy. For example, asphalt roofing materials can last anywhere from 15 years to 30 years. That is a huge time gap, but if the homeowner chooses not to do regular inspections or maintenance on areas of the roof needing attention, then the lifespan will be shortened. Metal roofing can last from 35 to 50 years, once again depending on regular inspections.

A regular maintenance program should consist of visually inspecting the roof and noting any areas of vulnerability. When the areas are detected, speaking with a professional roofing contractor, such as Modern Roofing Group, can decipher if the area is easily fixable or if the damage is too severe and needs additional mending. We are available to discuss any areas of concern and discuss the best course of action.

Improper Ventilation

If you notice condensation on the underside of your roof deck or struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your attic or second-story during extreme cold or warm days, it may indicate inadequate ventilation. This is a vital aspect that can significantly impact the performance of your current roofing system. 

Leaking Roof

A roof that has areas of damage, and water seeping through should be addressed quickly. Depending on whether to repair or replace will be determined by the extent of the damage. If an area is small, perhaps a few replacement shingles will seal up the area, then it can continue forth beautifully. However, if the area is a gaping hole, which has ruined the underlayment and insulation, then a replacement will be in the future. 

repair or replace a roof, roof replacement, Denver

Weathered and Worn Roof

Do you notice areas of the roof that have curling shingles? Broken shingles? Areas of missing granules? If the areas of this damage are in several places on the roof, it may be better to replace the whole roof rather than try to patch up individual areas. It may not be aesthetically pleasing with some new crisp shingles mixed with the worn older shingles. It is best, in this type of situation, to speak with Modern Roofing Group to get some professional advice. 

Cost of Repair vs. Cost of Replacement

Once you have noted areas of damage, it is wise to consider the costs between the repair job and the replacement job. If the repairs are minimal, and there is still life left on the roof, then feel comfortable in going the repair route. However, if the damaged areas are extensive and the costs are similar, it would be advantageous to replace the whole roof and gain the peace of mind the new roof can offer. Again, It is best to speak with us to get the price comparison and make your decision.  

Modern Roofing Group has been serving the local Denver community with superior workmanship, excellent customer satisfaction, and honest truthful feedback regarding your residential roofing needs. Look to the company with the experience and knowledge to help solidify your roof and keep you, your family, and your possessions safe for years to come.